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The following eclipses will teach you how to introduce your ideas or skills in the best possible way. The January 5th eclipse requires you to sign up for a new position or even travel to meet with the client. Now, focus on plans about your home and family. Are you planning to move to a larger house?

February 4 is the perfect day to find the space you need. In fact, the beginning of February will be filled with such decisions.

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Be careful with the contracts. An opportunity to buy or rent a home will be given on February 14th.

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Love is a matter that you prefer most or not? From 6 December to 31 December , you have been living a vibrant era with regard to romance. You are going through a very emotional episode that you still keep in your heart. If you are alone and have met someone, now that the holidays are over is the ideal time.

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Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon on September 28 in Libra, at five degrees, still strong as you enter October will all squeeze together into one little slice of the horoscope. Mars, your secondary ruler, will soon enter this same part of your chart a few days later on October 3. That is a lot of energy based in your twelfth house of privacy and creativity when alone at the start of the month. The best part about this new moon on September 28 is that Venus and Jupiter were in perfect sync. This could spell more money to you since both planets are in association with money and profits, and both are at 17 degrees, with Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the latter in your second house of earned income.

If you are a designer, you may be shaping your next collection. If you are an author, you could start work on your new book, or if a graduate student, finish up your thesis. You get the idea. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller It is the start of your birthday month, and the planets are gathering in your behind-the-scenes sector.