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However, in december you have the advantage that comes with the sun's return to the centaur's skies i.

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Music scores on computer fade in dastane sexi. He is a founder member of the international institute of divine astrology iida , gurgaon, india, which provides astrological learning to students keen to learn astrology the intricacies and fineness of the age-old art of astrology. Free horoscope for the year of the sheep, annual horoscopes for your western zodiac sign. The cancer-from-gemini cusp born person.

Don't ever be too available. Cancer is ruled by the moon. Do you want to know if you have a love connection. Many of those born in Scorpio sign will say that have never experienced anything like that, have never felt anything like that or have not thought themselves will be able to react or to work in a relationship of emotionally or sex in these parameters. Will be proud of them, will be pleased that they managed to impress his partner would simply be happy.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Different cultures throughout the centuries have categorised human beings according to different values and viewpoints, but always and everywhere underlying our predisposition to categorise is the awareness and fascination about difference and sameness. But uniqueness, or rather, a truly actualised individuality, does not come with the mere fact of being born. We are potential individuals — individuals in the making. The four elements are of special interest to astrologers for each one represents a distinct way of viewing, approaching, evaluating and interpreting life.

The four elements and the twelve signs are also classified according to the most basic of all polarities: yin and yang, feminine and masculine, negative and positive. The yin elements and signs are more passive, introverted, contained, self-reflective, whilst the yang elements and signs are more active, extroverted, outwardly dynamic and assertive.

The planets feel more or less at home in different elements; that is, their energies will be moderated and expressed according to the element and sign they occupy in the birth chart. The elements are allocated in an orderly sequence around the zodiac, starting with the fire sign Aries and repeating the pattern fire, earth, air, water, three times, as seen in Figure 6.

A fiery temperament is essentially positive, extrovert, pushing ahead into life, and motivating other through the sheer force of charismatic confidence. A strongly fire type tends to be demonstrative, dramatic, intense.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, and is the most impulsive and pioneering of all three fire signs: spontaneous, outspoken, headstrong, rushing in where angels fear to treat. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign: it has a more stable, regal, kingly quality that manifests well in situations where power and responsibility must be handled wisely. Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, and is keen to fire sparks in all directions on its endless search for meaning and self-discovery.

Earth is the most stable of the elements, and therefore the earthy individual tends to be practical, sensible, conservative, dependable, capable of running a business or household efficiently and making things grow. But if an earthy individual lacks fire, then passivity and lack of vision may become a barrier to expanding beyond their known, quantifiable and controllable universe.

The earthy type can then be barrow, pedantic, sluggish, obstinate. Fire and Earth make a creative partnership, even though their natures seem fundamentally alien to each other. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and is sensual, determined and patient, but also profoundly stubborn when a challenge to the status quo threatens its security. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign. This approach to life is a very ambitious, aspiring one, although Capricorn can sometimes value tradition and conformity to the exclusion of the innovation that keeps life moving forward.

Air is the all-pervasive element that connects us all through our constantly moving atmosphere. This is the thinking type who seeks the rational principle at work within the operations of nature and human behaviour.


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Clear, objective reasoning is the great strength of airy individuals, as is their capacity for lively communication. The airy temperament is gregarious but civilised, curious but co-operative, intellectual but casual and often witty, fun-loving and sociable. Although airy individuals enjoy being with others, their interactions have a distinctly impersonal quality. As the all-encompassing element of air might suggest, the airy types likes the extensive experience rather than the intensely intimate encounter.

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Airy types can rationalise away their discomfort with feelings; but what they lack in emotional commitment they make up for with diplomatic friendliness. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign and loves to sample the amazing variety of people and experiences with a childlike joie de vivre.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign and seeks justice and ideal harmony by balancing its views against many others. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign and is interested in ideologies that affect humanity. It shares its understanding with friends and is devoted to the common good. It is cooling, refreshing and nurturing like the spring rain; it can be mysterious and forbidding like the deep blue sea, and also overwhelming and engulfing as in the terror of a flood.

Whilst the heat of fire rises, air moves constantly in a steady circling of the earth, and earth slumbers in stillness, water is either contained by its boundaries or penetrates down to the roots. This shows how water is symbolic of empathy and feeling. The watery individual is sympathetic and romantic, often governed by mysterious, unfathomable moods. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign and is very cautious but desirous of inclusion and intimacy; it has a tenacious maternal streak and maintains a strong emotional tie with loved ones and with the past.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign and feels all emotions very intensely. Scorpio operates from a powerful connection with basic instincts and therefore is unafraid of facing the darker human emotions. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign and can easily identify with the whole spectrum of human emotion.

Pisces is highly imaginative, chameleon-like, and compassionate. In other words, the zodiac represents the collective cosmic environment in which the Earth moves and has its being. Each individual living on the Earth is a cell within that collective body and has a unique relationship to the collective. The zodiac, then, is a fold pattern of life experience: each sign symbolises a vital phase of life, an archetypal segment of the whole, as well as a basic personality type. It should be remembered, however, that there is no personality woven from one thread alone and that every person contains all 12 signs — but in different ways and varying combinations.

The inner logic of the signs also expresses itself through a correspondence with the human body. Aries is a positive, Cardinal Fire sign and the one that begins the zodiac with the start of spring.

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This is the thrusting, raw energy that conquers the cold winter sleep, and this quality is reflected in the Arian instinct for action and leadership. Rules by Mars, the god of war and competition, Aries is daring, impulsive, enterprising, sometimes foolhardy, but always optimistic. Aries is represented by the ram, and in ancient Egypt it was the ram-headed god Ammon who stood for the primitive, self-engendering, creative energy of the world. Bold, dynamic, assertive, the Aries individual, whether male or female, has a distinctly masculine creative drive which takes them into the battle of life with great expectancy.

Aries is competitive, restless and independent, desiring immediacy and scope for experiencing their ingenuity and skill. The inner need of Aries is to conquer — either a mythical ogre who threatens something beautiful and fragile, or to conquer fears within themselves. In all their activities, the Aries personality is building — and eager to experience — a core sense of self; that is the great adventure of life.

These individuals want to feel that they can affect their world. As the sign associated with archetypal beginnings, Aries loves to initiate. So is the tendency to ride roughshod over their more fragile, needy feelings. Aries loves a difficult challenge and gets bored with too much self-reflection.

There is a naivety and vulnerability about Aries that is often hidden underneath a brusque exterior.

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This may also manifest as an innocence which makes them prey to more cunning types. Aries is loyal and passionately devoted to family and loved ones, although they will always need freedom to pursue their own career and interests. Planets in Aries will express their energies in a bold, enthusiastic, honest way. If Aries is strongly emphasised in your birth chart, much of your life will tend to focus on defining your identity, learning how to assert your will, and achieving recognition for your unique personal characteristics.

The bull is the ancient symbol of Taurus which has universally represented the strength and passion of the earthy, instinctual realm. During the month of May, ancient fertility rites honoured the prolificness and feminine power of the Earth Mother. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The fiery energy of Aries is now grounded and life begins to relax and unfold; the Taurean individual registers the beauty of nature with his senses and slows down to enjoy it all.

Remember Ferdinand the Bull sitting amidst the daisies? We can begin to get a feel for the Taurean personality: sensual, easy-going, a lover of beauty and good food, very much in touch with the body and the gratification of basic needs. Emotionally, demonstrative and mentally pragmatic, Taureans make good organisers, teachers, parents — anything that requires care, patience, diligence and down-to-earth common sense. They tend to distrust anything they cannot touch, taste or measure, and are famous for their extreme obstinacy.

But there is also a proneness to getting stuck in a rut, and to resist even seeing other viewpoints and to devaluing the more subtle, imaginal unseen, symbolic realms of human endeavour. They can also become very possessive and materialistic, and their occasional over-indulgence can lead to weight problems.

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Venus-ruled Taureans are often very musical and artistic, and display a bawdy sense of humour. Planets in Taurus will express their energies in a calm, earthy, determined way. If Taurus is strongly emphasised in your birth chart, much of your life may focus on substantiating your identity through work, building a solid material base, and enjoying the pleasures of the natural world.

Deep Taurean stability gives way to versatility and change, and Gemini is the first sign to rationally perceive the rich spectrum of life forms to be found in the environment. In mythology, the story of the famous twins, Castor and Pollux exemplifies the essentially dual nature of this sign: one twin is a mortal, the other dwells with the gods, and this sibling separation brings both agony and fascination as the twins meet up now and then to compare notes. Studying the fascinating dualities in people and in all aspects of life is something this sign loves to do.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the ancient god of the intellect and swift communication, which makes this sign a natural communicator, teacher, writer and go-between. Gemini excels at making connections between apparently disparate subjects and people. Like the restless butterfly, Gemini does not want to dwell long on ponderous details. In general, Gemini hates two things: boredom and emotional displays. Geminian energy is notoriously asexual and amoral: examining information from all sides and with a sharp mercurial objectivity gives them the right they believe!

This is the work of Hermes who dwells forever on the boundaries, linking opposites in unexpected ways. Geminian energy requires mobility and space for experimentation; it is playful, searching, sociable, perceptive, categorising, refreshing, insightful and sometimes annoyingly irresponsible. Gemini can easily skim the surface of life, and easily gets bored. This is the Peter Pan of the zodiac, forever resisting the commitment of adulthood, forever keeping all options open. If it is ever to embrace the richness of the inner Gemini paradox, Gemini must delve into its darker side — the other twin.

Planets in Gemini will express their energies in an alert, restless, rational way. If Gemini is strongly emphasised in your birth chart, you will always need variety and stimulation, and much of your life path will focus on the development of mental concentration and verbal and written communication.

The actor John Barrymore was a Gemini and succinctly expressed the Geminian duality and wit:. As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer represents the great ocean of life and the emotional bonds which link us to a nuclear family, to a specific past, and because of these roots, also to the future.