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Goddess Flight - Free daily original and accurate horoscopes. Goto Horoscope - Click on your zodiac sign to get your daily horoscope. Tonight: Off to enjoy your Saturday night. Reach out for someone you care about who lives at a distance.

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You always seem to produce memorable times together. Decide to meet halfway in the near future, preferably by water. Tonight: Join a friend.

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  7. You could be excited about your plans. Get together with a special friend or person early in the day. You seem to have plans that involve fishing or being around water. Go do them before the weather becomes too cold. Tonight: Dance to another person's tune. Defer to a partner or dear friend. If you're too assertive about your plans, the other party sometimes feels pressured. Eliminate that problem, at least for today. A minitrip could be in the offing.


    Tonight: Say yes to an offer. You might be surprised that you feel the need to slow down or clear out a project. The ever-social being that lives within you might be happy for some time off. Think twice about your plans. Some of you might want to cancel or adjust plans made several days ago. Tonight: Doing what feels right. You might surprise a close friend or loved one. You might start the day semi-OK, but you end the day partying away — if you have the right company.

    Make sure to pick up the phone for an extroverted friend.

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    Join him or her. Tonight: Don't worry about time. Tonight: Go with a loved one's wishes. Zero in on what a friend desires.

    You could be out of sorts proceeding as you have been. You might not want to head in a certain direction that a friend or loved one wants to. Go along for the ride.

    You might enjoy what occurs. Tonight: Where a party could be happening. Accept your place in the limelight. You could feel frayed and pushed to the max. You would be well-advised to follow through on an invitation that might be low-key but enjoyable. Be kind with a child or loved one who is going through a change. Tonight: A must appearance. Reach out for someone at a distance. You might feel as if you want to see this person soon. You could feel a child or a love interest is more fluid and open for a while. On the other hand, a change involving a child or loved one might be necessary.

    Tonight: Let creativity flourish. Do not hem and haw around a difficult situation. You will need to open up talks with a loved one. Key topics could be the budget and the essence of your relationship. A new beginning becomes possible. Tonight: Dinner for two. Defer to others and do a better job of being a little less self-centered. Others, close friends and loved ones look for you. Someone's emotional rendition might distance you rather than bringing you closer.

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    Tonight: Go with the moment. Pace yourself and get the job done.