Capricorn dog man astrology

Dogs are not always leaders themselves but will be close to leaders, who can count on the Dog to save the day. Dogs are great organizers -- they have a knack for controlling chaos with their logical approach and commitment to order and fair play.

Capricorn man signs of affection from dogs

The Dog woman in love: You Dog women are not easy to catch and tend to be a bit distant even when you dream of passionate love with someone. When you finally admit you are in love, you will show your feelings discreetly -- or even secretly -- until you are very sure about the relationship. When a Dog becomes a mom, her involvement in the lives of her children will be fanatic.

Her devotion to her little pack -- including you -- will be unrivaled.


The Dog man in love: The Dog man is hypersensitive and proud. If you are a Dog man, you have enough confidence to find a romantic partner, but if the other party laughs at you or hurts your feelings, you withdraw easily.

Year of the Dog Meaning

The Chinese have divided time differently from us. We have year centuries, the Chinese have periods of sixty years. We divide our centuries into ten decades.