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Capricorn will freak out and take aggressive action if their loved ones are hurt. Capricorns are genuine, generous and sincere, and if they tell you that they love you know that those words hold a lot of meaning to them. They are genuine lovers, when they love they love with all their heart. They can go to any length to protect and support their loved ones. They even have a hard time of letting someone go. Seriously, Capricorn is the freakiest in bed of all zodiac signs.

They may look serious, but they aren't afraid to take sex to a whole other level. They tend to let go in the bedroom and drop their cutthroat determination. And while earth signs might be considered the most boring signs of the zodiac, if you're lucky enough to have hot sex with a Capricorn, the pleasure is all yours. Capricorns have incredible instincts about people and their ability to read a persons thoughts can be almost unreal sometimes.

They're able to instinctively pick up on a people's true motivations and intentions within moments of meeting them If you're going to befriend a Capricorn, it better be genuine because more than other signs, they can usually detect real from fake motives.

Capricorn and Cancer Love Compatibility

Capricorns pick up interest in humanitarian causes, donate their time, effort and money to make the environment surrounding them better, they contribute to society, they have a soft spot for animals and less privileged families and they love spending time with the elderly to learn from their wisdom. Anyone who hires a Capricorn is lucky to have them on their team. They are ideal employees and are very professional in different levels.

Capricorn teaches that to feel useful, we must each offer our unique contribution to the collective whole of which we are an integral part. People born under the star sign of Capricorn are probably the best people to have around.

The world will be much kinder and a lot quieter if it has more Capricorns in it; less people blabbing about what they could do and more people actually trying to make it in life. Be the best and nothing less. I always wondered why i was that way…when i loved.. Hey guys iam 27 Male After 10years the girl left me…Now shes in states and iam in India… As a muslim i cant get easy visa and iam also a middle class Cant able to handle to make my pocket big enough to go states… I just wanted to meet her once… i want to know two things… If a person not settle well in job is not capable for marriage even his love is true… and second one is Is self respect is more important than true love… for me its not…but for her she says it more important for me… I wanted to hate her like hell but heart still loves her like heaven….

If anyone birthday is january 16 please contact with me because i am too khudkamah gmail. Pretty spot on.. Got things spot on thank u so much! My birthday December I was about to be born on Christmas but I got out early..

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Anyway again thanks and wish me luck on my YouTube channel giving u lots of hugs and kisses :. Dec29th baby. And proud x.

What Zodiac Signs Make Good Friends

I highly doubt they are all what is said here. Because a person is composed of many other astrologic energies such person can and will have tendencies from other energies also. Making this post only partially true. Seems to be a real watcher of the world. If I am not wrong, you might be a Capricorn indeed. Just nailed it. Real true points..! I have never read anything concerning a Capricorn that decribe me so well…… Reading this was a big inspiration to me seriously this is definitely not a lie and who ever say this is not true about Capricorns something is wrong with your brain and your train of thought…… RoyalWord.

God no, what lies, the dirtiest, sleaziest people i have met in my entire life. Complete clickbait.

What Zodiac Signs Make Good Friends

These are the biggest braggers most repulsive attention seekers on the face of the earth. Dirty and lazy to the max, loyal my ass. Scorpio lies and manipulation dont come close to capricorns. I can detect nonsense a mile away, pure bs. This was so in point, for the writer to know all this in such a detailed way he must be a Capricorn for sure, i think every Capricorn must read this to understand their true self and not beat up themselves for having no friends and feeling differents from others. Thank you so much for this article!! I thought as a young girl that I was so strange, but all this time I was just a different type of breed.

I do love friends and family hard. Will give my all to u if u are worthy. Dec Wow that was so accurate and detailed. Haha but I love this insight. Thank you!! Is it rare for a Capricorn to have the Master Number 11? For the past three months now, the number 11 has seemingly appeared everywhere around me. Almost every time I look at a clock, it is , or , for example. Not to mention specific dates on the 11th, the fact that this month is the 11th month on my calendar type, and although it may seem rather silly, many mathematical questions in my math class have resulted in the sum of Both of these subjects, numbers and zodiacs, have pointed to a further purpose.

By further purpose, I mean something bigger than some YouTuber, or a superstar in general. Who knows? Maybe one day, if that does happen, this comment will be famous! The Zodiac was right- I do have that ambition. And with that ambition comes what I will achieve.

Did horoscopes just predict my future? January born of the Sixth Day Year Its damn true, mine is 11th jan, the person who has written this blog may also be copricor. I amso proud of being copricorn, yes we are hardworkers, determinant, control our emotions, we can handle tough situations, but because of stress i become anxious sometimes, and i really dont like to hangout with friends, parting. Except few friends i donot like to talk to others. Yes i am shy, and we are great lovers, this also true for me, few years back i fell in love with a girl, she is older than me by years i think, my life completely changed after that although she not accept me as lover, but now i completely forgot her, but thats my first time i had such an strong intense feelings on someone, now my perspective about love and life is completely changed, all the above mentioned tarits in the blog is so true and it reflects me, and i am being proud to be copricorn….

I really enjoy reading this article. I really find it hard letting go because it seems i might loose her and it hurts badly… Awesome write-up by the way, got me motivated as well. Shopping Cart. My Account. Capricorns rely on brain power as well, but of a different sort; they search for the pragmatic method in all they do, and may not feel they have time to dabble in aesthetics. If these two can learn to work as a team, they could form two sides of a coin, so to speak. Libra and Capricorn are both Cardinal Signs.

Capricorn & Taurus

Both Signs are initiators, but they have such widely varying work ethics that they work better when they each have a particular, well-defined role. When it comes to conflict, Libra will be the first to back down, which will appease Capricorn who likes to be right! They each bring their own qualities to the relationship.

Theirs is a challenging relationship, but they can learn from each other if they maintain the effort. Looking for answers? Capricorn and Cancer Nature and Nuances: What do you think, will the Capricorn and Libra Nature and Nuances The balanced, buoyant, and brilliant Is Capricorn and Sagittarius a good match? Are a Capricorn and Sagittarius Capricorn and Aquarius Nature and Nuances: This is a romance between two Capricorn and Pisces Nature and Nuances: Simplicity and complexity Capricorn natives take a pragmatic approach to life, and are intelligent, judicious and responsible people.

Capricorn zodiac compatibility indicates that they value money but are not greedy, they have a sense of humour but can sometimes be really sarcastic. Besides, Capricorn horoscope compatibility suggests that the Goats can be introverted and deeply crave for recognition and appreciation for the things they say and do. They are both passionate, down-to-earth and money-minded. Besides, Capricorn love compatibility suggests the Goat will be grateful to the Taurus native for being a good home-maker, while the Bull will be grateful to the Capricorn native for taking care of their mutual security.

Sex will only strengthen the relationship. The Fish is another sign that is compatible with the Capricorn native, as per Capricorn best compatibility. Although Capricorn traits and Pisces traits are quite contrary to each other, they tend to compliment each other. While the Goat ensures the security of the union, the Fish help the Goat to take things lightly and not be too serious, something which contributes to the happiness in the relationship, according to Capricorn love compatibility.

Capricorn compatibility indicates that the Virgo and Capricorn natives are like two faces of the same coin when it comes to matching their compatibility. Both are hard-working, and like to share the fruits of their labour with their near and dear ones. However, at the same time they like to maintain a low profile. According the Capricorn compatibility, the sessions between the sheets may not be very stormy, but they will have a touch of love and protection for each other.

Capricorn Natives Are Least Compatible With Aries, Sagittarius, Leo The Capricorn natives are least compatible with Aries, because the latter are too inclined to take risks, while the Goat prefers stability and security.