Summer solstice february 26 astrology

There are challenges on the home front…a new structure wants to emerge.

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The actions you take and how you respond will pay dividends down the road, explains Smith. Scorpios will be on fire this summer. There is no better time to create new goals and try new things. Learn the Japanese tea ceremony.

Sidereal and tropical astrology

Sign up for an African dance class. Go on a pilgrimage.

Take a trip into the wilderness. Make these simple health tweaks in your 30s to live healthier in the long run. Like Libra, Sagittarius will find the summer solstice to be a time of self-improvement. Mercury is officially out of retrograde, so communication and business endeavors are now moving full steam ahead. The new moons are about rebirth—making wishes, setting goals, and thinking about what you want to experience more of in your life.

This new moon carries a weighted message of consequence: knowing when to act, when not to act, when to listen, when to surrender, and when to speak up.

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The majority of the month will be quick-paced and sociable, with flirtatious tendencies. The end of the month will slow down a little, and you'll crave more low-key activities, more sensuality, and feel the need to retreat to get in tune with your inner dialogue. Finding common ground with others becomes your focus, especially when it comes to love. June is about connecting with others on an intellectual level and refining your own communication skills. The second half of the month will be about reconnecting with your home and making it reflect your personality.

Your wallet may not be as full as it was last month, but your heart and mind will make up for it.

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Look out for extra special days on June 4 and 8, and hold off until June 27 to 29 for big purchases. Your June power product: A crystal that can give off a rainbow sheen—one that brings you peace and reminds you that there's more to life than being busy. You're basically a money magnet this month. The second half will be about shameless self-promotion. Take advantage of your magnetic power to push your career forward. Your June power product: A small clutch to carry all of your favorite things, including your new cash influx.

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  • Happy birthday! This is your month, Gemini. Be confident that you've done all that you can to push your career forward, and focus on your inner life for a little while. Take care of yourself, reconnect with the people you miss, and think about all the ways in which you can become more lucrative.

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    June 5 and 12 will be extra sweet—tap into your best assets, mental prowess, and wit to win others over. You're magnetic this month, and others will want to know what you know. Sharing is caring. Your June power product: An abstract light colored painting to reflect your inner whimsical nature and remind you of your true essence.

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    You're in a spiritual upswing. This is not the time to focus on the extraneous—instead, try developing a richer inner life and enhancing the connection to your higher self. Astrology is all about timing: If you focus on what's in front of you, you'll feel that things are flowing without much resistance. The last shift of the North Node from Aries into Pisces occurred in early December of , shortly following the crash of the stock market and the Iran Contra scandal.

    We could say that the past two years, with its low interest rates and booming real estate market, has mirrored the booming stock market of the s when the Node was last in Aries. The crash moved us as a global society from the self-oriented Aries Node into the Pisces need to find something of meaning beyond the material world. When we learn to move with the flow of the planets, change and transformation comes more easily and with exhilaration instead of fear.

    The beauty of astrology is that it helps to give us a framework within which we can observe the ebb and flow of the tides and understand their meaning, so that we can work with those tides and reach our destination. Astrologers have a reputation, which we ourselves and our forbears have propagated, of being able to foretell the future. If you run a Google search for "Can astrology predict the future," the very first article is from a well-known astrology Neptune just slipped back into Pisces where it will remain until Neptune's role in the astrological pantheon is to cause us to question where the physical world ends and a more transcendent reality begins.

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