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Sun is the source of energy and light, which propels the entire life cycle process, so if Sun is intimidated, then there is no going back. If Sun is not happy with you, it will crush you to that extent beyond imagination. Not only will sun take your fame, reputation, position, power, self confidence, self respect, fulfilment and energy but it will make you so dull and depressed that you will lose a reason to live.

If Sun is intimidated by your actions, no other planet can help you no matter how strong that planet is in your birth chart. Sun is the de facto Chief Boss of this solar system so you should never ever intimidate the Sun God. If you do, Sun will burn your life like it does burn dry leaves in the season of summer. If you are leading a miserable life and there are lots of problems in every aspect of your life, there is a chance that either Sun god is not happy with you or his Son Saturn is not happy with you.

If you are living a miserable life with low income, lot of debts to pay, no good relationships, lack of fulfilment, purpose, loss in business, problems at work and quarrels with boss and superiors, loss of house or property, long stretching disease making you bankrupt, loss in power, position, divorced, unable to have children, no respect in society, facing court cases or you are imprisoned — there is a high chance that Sun is unhappy with you or the position of Sun in your birth chart is not favourable.

Go to bed early and wake up before Sunrise. Sun likes those people who start their day early, who wake up before Sun wakes up and those who salute the Sun every day Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

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If possible, perform Surya Namaskar. Salute the Sun and try to relive his anger by giving him you respect. The water is to be offered at the time of Sunrise only, when Sun is visible half risen at the Horizon. While offering Water, the falling water should be in the middle of you and sun, which means, you should see the Sun through the falling water from a copper bowl.

The Sunlight has to pass through the falling stream of water and reach your eyes. While offering water, recite this mantra —. Pacifying the anger of Sun creates many positive effects in life and negates dullness, inactivity, depression, debts, diseases and enemies. Sun is the source of all the energy and it helps to cure depression, dullness, inactivity and can pacify any battle you are fighting.

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If you are not in the good books of Sun God, no other planet can even dare to come to your rescue. Share this article: on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn. What does Sun Represent? Sun is exalted in Aries, so we have to first understand what does the house of Aries represent. It does not matter what task you give them, they will put all their energy into it and get you the best outcome that is possible.

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These people will not quit something in the middle, they will complete it and only then they will move it to some other task. Since Sun represents Arrogance and Aggression, these people sometimes becomes arrogant and lose sleep on a small inaccuracy in their work. They are perfectionists. In adverse situations and circumstances, these people do not collapse easily. They hold their ground till the last moment and struggle their way out.

They believe in making their own way alone, rather than seeking help from others.

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They will rather fight alone and die than seek help from others and survive. These people are often seen working in Government jobs, administrative jobs, in politics, law and order or something which is related with government in any way. A combination of Good Sun and Moon gives success in the fields of Foreign ministry or public relations. A combination of Good Sun and Jupiter makes a renowned Politician or minister.

These people value respect and dignity above all. They try to raise themselves in society and always want power, position and respect of other people. Bad reputation is worse than death, they take it very seriously and try to protect their image at all costs.

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Sun is also the planet which governs Leadership skills of an individual. An Exalted Sun makes an excellent leader of a group. It could mean a politician or a team leader in a call center or in a corporate company, the outcome depends on lots of other things. But generally speaking, a position of Good Sun makes a good leader.

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A good position of a sun indicates gains from Father. This person is more influenced by his father or a fatherly figure in his life. An exalted Sun sometimes gives bad qualities like Arrogance, Vainglory, Excessive pride and Ego to an individual. These people are often seen swimming in ego, especially when the Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter or Rahu or been influenced by them.

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  • Personal Astrological Services. Personal Chart Reports. Personal Chart Reports provide excellent low-cost astrological interpretations and forecasts which are easy-to-read and accurate.

    You can order an interpretation of your natal chart, two different types of forecast reports, or a two-chart comparison compatibility report. The Draconic IC is the family people want to have in this life, while the natal IC represents the family people actually have, and actually need. If you subscribe to the belief of reincarnation, the IC is vital to understanding your connection with ancestors, roots and the source of life.

    In a one-life philosophy, it can show you how your fundamental beliefs work and how you stay grounded or what you do to feel satisfied in a deeper sense.

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    When calculating or getting a calculation for draconic compatibility , there is less free will in the relationship and it requires a perspective of understanding that reflects love, which shows the kinds of bonds people have and how they establish and work on those things. Ultimately, it reflects how two souls work together throughout time. The different planets in draconic charts, including in the tropical zodiac, represent different qualities and areas of life; however, in draconic charts the focus is on how the soul functions and in what ways it expresses or manifests itself in your life.

    Draconic astrology should be remembered and studied because it can help you develop a greater understanding for your soul and that of others. This archaic study can become an indicator for how long-term relationships unfold.

    Better yet, you can find out what your draconic chart is by going online. Skip to content Toggle navigation. Thoughts x August 13, Post Views: 36,