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In astrosophy, the astro- forth in my book Chronicle of the Living Christ. Astrosophy the Christian Star Calendar. It is astrology is generally practiced in such a way that therefore a natural transition from the Christian there is a split between astrology and astronomy Star Calendar to the Journal for Star Wisdom. This was rally. At this time, which we are approaching, also the purpose of the Christian Star Calendar. In the course of time, I am with you always, even unto the end of more and more research articles on the new star the world.

The physical Christ became the Spirit of the Earth— 3 According to Rudolf Steiner, the constellations are this was the midpoint, the balance, of Earth the abode of the first hierarchy, called Seraphim, evolution. Cherubim, and Thrones. The movement of the planets takes place against the background of the 5th Letter of the Ap ocalypse : I will come zodiacal constellations, which—considered as again; however, take heed that you do not fail the abode of the first hierarchy—form the Divine to recognize me.

Around Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim, one denotes them by a particular constellation. It is like a the Gospels must be recognized in their signpost. In that direction over there are the [group spiritual meaning such that they have worked of] Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim known as the preparing for Christ. Otherwise untold confu- Twins, over there [the group of Thrones, Cherubim sion of the soul will be caused. It is this event, the presence of the who have contributed to make this issue possible, etheric Christ, lasting from for 2, years in particular to our authors for presenting their until , that is pivotal for the approach to research articles as contributions to the founda- astrosophy star wisdom outlined in the Journal tions of the new star wisdom of astrosophy, and to for Star Wisdom.

To starry realms, To the dwelling places of Gods, Turns the Spirit gaze of my soul. From starry realms, From the dwelling places of Gods, Streams Spirit power into my soul. For starry realms, For the dwelling places of Gods, Lives my Spirit heart through my soul. The deeds of the historical Christ wrought two thousand years ago are of eternal signifi- cance—inscribed into the cosmos—and they resonate with the movements of the heavenly bodies, especially when certain alignments or planetary configurations occur bearing a resemblance with those prevailing at the time of events in the life of Jesus Christ.

The calendar may be found beginning on page XXX. It comprises ephemeris pages for the twelve months of the year with accompanying monthly commentaries on the astro- nomical events listed on the ephemeris pages. Indications regarding the similarity of con- temporary planetary configurations with those at events in the life of Christ are given in the lower part of the monthly commentaries, and the upper part gives a commentary on the notable astronomical occurrences each month.

Because of the great year Decan R hythm in H istory: interest in the theme of the zodiacal ages, this A Juxtaposition of Two Cosmic article explores this important subject and related R hythms in our Time, themes in depth. Relating to the 1,Year Time Lag Between start in the year Relating to the Year Rhythm Connected of Pisces began in ad utilizing this average of with the Decans 2, years, subtracted from 2, Going back a further 2, years, we discover that the age Introduction of Aries began in astronomically, which— The purpose of this article is to awaken the as will be explained later in this article—equates interest of the reader to the significance of these with bc historically.

This knowledge con- rhythms, and thereby to promote a more con- cerning the actual dates of the zodiacal ages was scious understanding of the events of the present not indicated by Rudolf Steiner. For example, in ing the course of this article. How- depth the relationship between the zodiacal ages ever, as astronomers unanimously confirm, the vernal point is currently in the constellation of 2 Ibid. Thus, as far as astronomy is concerned we 3 Powell, Hermetic Astrology, vol. The question precise dates of the zodiacal ages.

Note that the 1 Powell, History of the Zodiac, which is the book of date of the start of the age of Aquarius is given as a PhD thesis, offers a precise scientific definition of in the introduction to the American Sidereal the original zodiac—that of the Babylonians—from Ephemeris — This difference of one year around bc. In other words, the time lag between of the thirty-degree expanses within the circle of the start of a zodiacal age and the beginning of the twelve signs of the sidereal zodiac. The beginning of a zodiacal events clearly emerges.

It is therefore a joy cultural epoch can become a reality on the cul- and an honor to have the opportunity to make this tural level approximately twelve centuries later. A new research available to readers of the Journal striking example, which we shall look at in more for Star Wisdom. Readers are invited to journey detail later, is the founding of the ancient city of on an expedition of true scientific research, where Rome in bc.

Abraham, the founder of the people of Israel. Toward the end of this article such influences are Through referring always to cultural epochs, revealed—not only in the past but also in relation Rudolf Steiner bypassed the need to refer to the to the present time. Even though he did not indicate Here I would like to note that an earlier discus- the dates of the zodiacal ages, just as did he not sion of the theme of this article took place among indicate the length of the time lag 1, years several people.

This earlier discussion, first pub- between the start of a zodiacal age and the corre- lished by David Tresemer www. Moreover, he laid the basis for a profound nature. It is nevertheless possible that he did indeed know the dates of the zodiacal ages and the length of the time lag between the start of a zodiacal age and the 5 This lecture, translated from CW , was beginning of the corresponding cultural epoch.

But, published in The Anthroposophical Review, vol. Also, he mentions the planetary rul- tional confirmation of the relevance of the Venus ers—Saturn, Jupiter, Mars—of the three decans pentagram rhythm of 1, years, the year belonging to Pisces, which considered as a zodi- cultural wave being half of the 1,year time lag; acal sign is ruled as a whole by Jupiter. In par- thus the time lag comprises two cultural waves. It is interesting to note that while this evident. Bobbette's compilation of many of Rudolf of Rudolf Steiner where he refers to the decans Steiner's statements on star knowledge—at least, explicitly, there is another lecture, that of 30 July those that have been translated into English.

CW , lecture 4, Jan. Mark 12 Since there are three decans, each ten degrees long, CW , pp. Each of copy of Hugo Winckler's book, as I have seen with the two sections deals with one of the two cosmic my own eyes, he underlined a significant passage rhythms under consideration—as is referred to in that book quoted in English translation on page in the subtitle of this article.

Readers please note 56 of Hermetic Astrology, vol. It differ slightly from the published English transla- was carried out by King Nabonassar of Baby- tion of these lectures. For example, with regard lon. This is an important dis- Steiner's choice of instead of as the tinction, which is a point of discussion later in this starting date of the fifth cultural epoch.

In my book Hermetic Astrology, vol. As referred to in Aries. It is a question whether this specification of his lecture of July 30, , quoted below, Rudolf the date bc was based on his reading of Hugo Steiner indicated bc to be the actual year of Winckler's book. Another possibility is that per- the founding of Rome. Babylonian Era of Nabonassar, beginning on 14 Several dates are given for the founding of the February 26, bc, was used by the Greeks city of Rome, ranging between bc and of Alexandria.

All sources agree that the city was founded on April 21, the day of the festival sacred to Pales, 15 Hugo Winckler, Die babylonische Kultur in ihren the goddess of shepherds. Rudolf Steiner, however, Beziehungen zur Unsrigen Leipzig, , p. Time CW , lecture of July 30, Note that purpose.

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For example, in the historical prac- because the Julian calendar was still in use, here I tice of counting, the rule of divisibility by 4 have utilized the Julian calendar date of February revealing the Julian leap-years no longer exists; The corresponding Gregorian date would be these years are, indeed, 1, 5, 9, 13,.

Considering that rian , and then add 2, years to arrive at Friday, the fourth cultural epoch lasted for 2, years, February 18, Gregorian , as the start of the 2, has to be added to to determine the fifth cultural epoch, corresponding to the Julian end of the fourth cultural epoch corresponding to date of Friday, February 9, —both dates Aries. This is the original version of what later became published under the calendars under the section headed "Greece".

For example, early on this have to do with the age of Aries? However, before answering sign of Cancer at the vernal equinox, the first post- this question, it is important to note that Rudolf Atlantean culture began. Where does this come from? Given that Rudolf Steiner indicated the cul- point in the sidereal sign of Cancer.

He states this quite clearly, post-Atlantean cultural epoch, the ancient Persian although without mentioning the Babylonians: culture. The Sun entered Aries the Ram at the vernal equinox. This is the book Oct. Babylonians, which was scientifically defined 24 Steiner, Ancient Myths, lecture 4, Jan. Only once, however, did he note a at a rate of one degree in seventy-two years. At year rhythm of culture, in a lecture where he referred to a period of six centuries—from the the same time, though, the following needs to be Renaissance to our time: taken into consideration, qualifying the foregoing statement by Rudolf Steiner.

A certain renewal in the Renaissance. As each cultural epoch occurs with an 1, Then again there is a period of six hundred year time lag after the corresponding zodiacal years. This brings us to the period in age, it is only during the last years of a zodia- which we ourselves are living. Consequently, the first 1, years of new is pressing in upon us. Evidently two year cul- Aries. In the year , which is 1, years after tural waves elapse between the start of a zodia- ad , the fifth cultural epoch corresponding to cal age and the start of the corresponding cul- Pisces began.

That is, the fourth cultural epoch tural epoch. Applied to the Piscean age, the first corresponding to Aries overlapped with the zodi- cultural wave of six hundred years was from acal age of Pisces for 1, years, from ad the start of the age of Pisces in to , the to It is only now, during the last years year of the death of Charlemagne Carolingian to of the zodiacal age of Pisces, that Renaissance ; and the second cultural wave of the zodiacal age of Pisces and the cultural epoch six hundred years, from to , was dur- corresponding to Pisces the fifth cultural epoch ing the period leading up to the Renaissance.

Adding a further six hundred years, we arrive at the year as the start of a new cultural The Time Lag of 1, Years wave. The date is between the start of a new zodiacal age and the suggestive, in light of the highly publicized end beginning of the corresponding cultural epoch. Moreover, as I have shown in chapter pentagram. This was taken up by the Archai and, during its of Time, in their regulation of the unfolding of the course of one complete rotation of the Venus the cultural epochs in relation to the precession pentagram around the zodiac in years, was of the equinoxes through the signs of the sidereal carried over to become a cultural impulse in zodiac.

Their activity regulates the relationship bc. At that time, the founding of the city of Rome, between the start of a new zodiacal age and the the beginning of the era of Nabonassar, and other beginning of the corresponding cultural epoch; cultural phenomena signified the start of the and the year cultural wave rhythm associated fourth cultural epoch associated with the sidereal with Venus could be called the Archai rhythm, just sign of Aries. Essentially, the when a new spiritual impulse began to stream in zodiacal age relates to the spiritual level and the from the sidereal sign of Pisces—an impulse of cultural epoch to the cultural level, whereby the which the great initiate Mani31 was a bearer at the latter is more noticeable outwardly.

However, it was not until two year 29 As indicated by Rudolf Steiner, at present we are in cultural waves had elapsed that the fifth cultural the year period known as The Age of Michael epoch, corresponding to Pisces, began in , — The non-rigorously section 2. That the in the course of the year and correspond- sidereal signs are equal length, each thirty degrees ing to the present situation of the constel- long, is obvious from the fact that the precession lations vernal point in Pisces and no lon- ger in Aries stemmed from Rudolf Steiner.

If the sidereal signs usual astrological signs of equal length is were in fact unequal-length constellations, the taken. On the other hand he had not drawn passage of the vernal point through these constel- exact boundaries of the segments himself, lations would give rise to unequal-length cultural and when he was later asked about this, he epochs—and, correspondingly, to unequal-length said that these should be fitted to the astro- zodiacal ages.

As far as the authors know, this is book by a Western astrologer to bring the ancient the first time that this quote has been published in sidereal zodiac to the attention of astrologers in the English translation. Planetary existence arises and passes ner of the tropical zodiac, which is nothing other away, but the zodiac is ever there. Further, it should be noted that while Ptolemy— Here it needs to be borne in mind that in the through his astrological textbook, the Tetrabib- astronomy and astrology of antiquity there was los—can rightly be credited with the introduction only one zodiac: the sidereal zodiac that was first of the tropical zodiac into astrology, Ptolemy him- defined by the Babylonians.

At that time it was self referred consistently in the Tetrabiblos to the universally referred to simply as the zodiac. What is does signify a large part of the world, as the zodiac also shown conclusively is that the introduction by was transmitted from Babylon to Greece, Egypt, Ptolemy of the tropical zodiac into astrology was the Roman Empire, and India. Thereby the three decans of the side- real sign of Aries—according to Rudolf Steiner Let us look back, as students of spiritual sci- ence, at the so-called fourth post-Atlantean and in agreement with some ancient astrologi- period.

This begins, as we know, somewhere cal texts concerning the decans—are associated about the year before the Mystery of Golo- with Mars, the Sun, and Venus. The figures are the mission, during a particular constellation [in of course to be taken approximately, as always this case: Aries] of quite specially intervening in in matters of this kind. Within this period, as destiny, while the others [other planets] are less we observe it, we can perceive certain forces, active. This zodiac. Since this How do we know this? We shall see the answer to date, since about , we have the time which this question emerge in the discussion below.

While this rhythm arises in relation to the precession of the equinoxes through the decans of It is clear that here Rudolf Steiner divides up the the sidereal zodiac, it must be distinguished from fourth cultural epoch into three year periods. The first third of that epoch lasted ning of the corresponding cultural epoch.

For example, as shown in my nificance of the unfolding of the decan rhythm of book Chronicle of the Living Christ, the Virgin years in world history. The rhythm of years Mary [Solomon Mary] was born in the year 21 bc, is zodiacally-based, as the decan rhythm or time and other figures such as her husband Joseph were taken for the vernal point to retrogress through perhaps born around 27 bc or even earlier.

These two rhythms—the the year 1 bc, the new-born—merely forty days year rhythm and the year rhythm—are old—child Jesus Nathan Jesus was presented in clearly both important for a deeper understanding the temple. In other words, here Rudolf Suppose you. Remember, these beings are by no the time of assimilation of forces flowing from means the same, like a group of twelve iden- the Mystery of Golgotha, whereby it is clear that tical soldiers.

In this lecture Rudolf Steiner refers on the one hand to 41 This lecture, translated from CW , was the Archai in connection with Venus, and on the published in The Anthroposophical Review, vol. Mercury see the related discussion in footnote 26 42 Powell, Chronicle of the Living Christ, p.

The constellations are The Year Decan Rhythm like signposts. In one direction, over there, are and the Present Time the Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim known It would be interesting to explore the application as Gemini, the Twins; over there, Leo, the of the year decan rhythm to the unfolding of Lion; and so on. They are, so to speak, guide- the age of Pisces from ad to , when the posts that indicate the direction where partic- age of Aquarius starts. The time period relating ular beings may be found. The con- divisions within the sidereal sign of Pisces—when stellations of the zodiac are more than mere historically the vernal point retrogressed through signposts, but we must make it clear that, as a first stage, when we speak of the zodiac, we are this decan of Pisces, extended from ad to referring to spiritual beings.

It would go planetary level associated with Venus. Only the most devastating wars are listed the three year decan periods to the current here. An estimated million people died in fifth Pisces cultural epoch. To do this, all that these wars. The mission of the rian Civil War — , the Second Congo Maitreya individuality, according to Rudolf Steiner, War — , the war in Afghanistan is to transmit the power of morality i.

Hence the Maitreya-Kalki individuality of variobeing existing in other time streams and can be seen as a bearer of the transformed Mars other dimensions and are sometimes discernible impulse, bringing peace and social justice instead through the process we perceive as history. Because he did not know these dates, he was limited to working with the dates of the What is special about the Maitreya cultural epochs, taking his starting point as Buddha is that he will in a certain sense bc—the date of the founding of Rome—as the imitate what took place at the event of beginning of the fourth cultural epoch, the time Golgotha.

Most remarkable with epochs, because he had a secure dating confirmed him will be that, as the greatest teacher, by Hugo Winckler , and he knew that the fourth he will bring the most majestic [power of cultural epoch bc onward for 2, years the] word, the highest word. How- ever, if in addition he had known of the dates of Aside from this example of the current Mars the age of Aries and the other zodiacal ages— phase year period of the fifth cultural epoch, knowing also of the constant time lag of 1, which we are now in and are approaching the end years between the start of a zodiacal age and the of historically in about one hundred and twenty beginning of the corresponding cultural epoch— years time , the application of the year decan he could have furthered his spiritual research in rhythm to the unfolding of the age of Pisces as relation to the dates of the zodiacal ages as well as a whole—considered in detail—remains to be those of the cultural epochs.

Now that we know undertaken in a future article. The Chapel of the Ascension is a place thought of in connection with the Grail mys- holy to both Christians and Muslims, and is tery addressed just over one hundred years ago currently under the care of Muslim authorities. I had already seen this imprinted stone In lecture 6 of this cycle of Grail lec- in a prior vision. Previously I had never way of approach to the Grail through words heard of such a thing—that Jesus left his foot- of any kind, or through philosophical specu- print on a stone at the Mount of Olives just lations.

The only way is by changing all these before ascending to heaven! Now here I was, words into feeling, by becoming able to feel in at the highest point on the Mount, and nothing the Grail the sum of all that is holy. Thus do I bring you this vision, this issue of the Journal for Star Wisdom in which was scribed the same evening. I the spirit of these words from the Grail cycle of saw the upper levels of the living Akashic lectures.

These visions unveil part of the mys- record as though hovering over Jerusalem. And there are portals his Ascension from the Mount of Olives. These to this record in the etheric body of Jerusalem. If they some saintly souls that are able to perform a kind are read from the heart, they open us to some- of service there as record keepers. The disciples had known this had cury sphere, the realm of the Archangels. Higher and higher they went, treading with heavy step, their eyes Israel!

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The land that I love! On February 14, fixed upon the luminous figure before them. Jesus , I arrived in Jerusalem with a small group of friends. Throughout this trip I experienced 1 This vision will appear in the third book of the visions, of which the following occurred at trilogy, Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene. They ing ever more radiant. When finally they reached announced the Second Coming: Just as you have the top, he stood in the center and all gathered seen him taken up into the clouds, so shall you see around him.

His mother Mary, Magdalene, John, him in like manner come again. For, the Ascension and Peter stood closest by him. He told them is eternally linked to the Second Coming: even as that he would leave his Peace with them—that he Christ left, so shall he return—to those hearts pre- would send to them the Second Comforter. Mag- pared to receive him. He has come again to dwell dalene in particular, having realized that he was in the etheric realm of the Earth. He appears there truly leaving, was in a state of overwhelming grief.

Yet a mystery wished she could go with him. As Jesus held her remains to be revealed—that of the connection gaze for the last time on Earth, she felt his love between the Resurrection and the Ascension, for streaming to her. To those foregathered there, the heavens The hearts of all who witnessed the Ascension appeared to open: they saw veils of light drawing have become the potential hearts that may wel- apart, like a great curtain, and lustrous clouds come Christ at his Second Coming—for this mys- gathering and swelling. Every level of heaven was tery was indelibly inscribed in their hearts at that beginning to open!

If Jacob had been there to time. Yes, the words of the two angels—Just as watch the Ascension and I am sure that in some you have seen him taken up into the clouds, so form he was! Christ was to These individuals are at the forefront; each will ascend through the hierarchies as he went to the be called in a particular way to prepare for the Father, and at each stage of his Ascension there Second Coming.

New talents and gifts will open was an important work to be done. They will bear in And so, there Christ Jesus stood upon the high- their hearts also an impulse for community—true, est point of the Mount of Olives, overlooking the loving community—for they were among those great city.

Even now, at this time of the Earth. Magdalene was nearly beside herself the Second Coming, they are preparing the way with grief as she watched him go, never letting him for him, assisting in the work of awakening others out of her sight. He was effulgent beyond measure; to his presence within the Earth. For Two angels alighted upon the ground and gave this was the final thing they heard: his Holy Name comfort and hope to the struggling, bereaved streaming toward them, filling the full measure of their being!

Yes, each will awaken to an aware- 2 See the two visions in the previous issue of the newsletter of the Sophia Foundation, Starlight, vol. Note that these two visions ric realm—and how this has happened through comprise part 2 of this article, just as this vision of Feb. It is a truth that the way pp. He Symbolically, Christ offers his tomb to all has descended through the hierarchies and resides humanity, to all his brothers and sisters. We may even now in the etheric realm of our Earth. His tomb has been consecrated as the and all others who were closest to Christ—expe- vessel of transformation, to take us from death rienced the deepest grief and sorrow at his Ascen- into life.

Christ shows us that we are not to remain sion. Most did not understand that he could still in death, trapped in an underground chamber; no, touch their hearts and greet them through the we are to move to a higher station. Indeed, we will power of the Holy Spirit. This deep grief, how- in future be able to shorten our time in death—by ever, becomes now the impulse to find him again. We will be at the Ascension have looked for Christ to come able to shorten the time we spend in dying and again, and have worked to prepare the world for death.

We will be able to die consciously, even to his coming. They will be—they are—among the choose our death, as Christ also chose his. And so apostles of the Second Coming. For they shall be shall we also shorten our time of entombment. Of course, there are many types of death. Yet we And these same shall again come to know one are nonetheless destined to reclaim ourselves from another.

They shall find each other, for the bond the tomb. All that is eternal in us, all that lasts that unites them is the Messiah, the Promise of forever, will breathe into our new life. This pro- Redemption. This bond is victory over death. And cess we take up in each lifetime, working to trans- so do they await Redemption. The As Christ passed through the gates during his Entombment is a mystery that has not yet been ascent to heaven, a great throng of souls and penetrated to the depths. This is because, after the angels greeted him, encircled him, and rejoiced.

And some diately on to the joy of the Resurrection. But to of those present at that time on the Mount of understand the mysteries of entombment, we must Olives saw this in vision also. Entombment is an important part of the process of resurrection. And The Entombment we must each of us leave our tomb and take on Now I want to say something about what I was new life.

In manifold ways this helps also the gen- shown regarding entombment. The manner in erations coming after us.

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More may be said about which the Jews entombed their people is like unto this at a future time. I After the Ascension, those present went through will try to explain this. Then, after about in the spiritual fire of the Pentecost. This decomposition was complete, the bones would be was indeed for them like a resurrection, for just as removed, and the tomb made available for another the Death and Entombment of Christ was spirit family member. But then an so was the Ascension spirit going out and the Pen- unfathomable, mysterious change took place: the tecost a returning—but with this difference: that Earth took the physical elements of the body into at Pentecost, the resurrection of the spirit hap- herself, rendering the tomb empty.

Essentially, pened in the hearts of those present. There was a certain breathlessness to the Angels as they waited. Then he rose into their sphere! I beheld him as a radiant star. The star of his Resur- rection body rose into the midst of the billions of Angels—all the Angels connected to every single human being! I was hovering before him. The Angels received the imprint of his Resur- rection body, as seedlings, into their hearts.

The luster of his Resurrection body commingled with the atmosphere of the Angelic realm, and it was in that sphere the light source—like a radiant Sun— for all the Angels. His Resurrection body merged with the Angels, such that the imprint took on the individual aspects of each person to whom the Angel was connected. All of the Angels underwent a transformation, a reorganization, when they received this imprint of the Resurrection body. There was tremendous rejoicing! I heard the harmonies of the spheres in his Resurrection body. Christ turned and beheld the Earth while raying out loving streams of light to all the Angels.

Threads of luminous rainbow-hued light rayed from him to the Earth. Chapel of the Ascension Then something new happened to me. It seemed that it was happening to me in through the P lanetary R ealms of that very moment. But there I was, and my body the Moon A ngels and M ercury was in its star form. Christ was very near to me, A rchangels , June 12 and 14, Christ was acknowledging me in this body, in this form. But then something Shambhala, where I was with the Mother. My happened that I have not experienced before, at heart was overwhelmed with love, and the golden least not quite in this way.

There appeared inner glow of her warmth imbued my entire soul. I was vertical chakras, which bloomed in an upward overjoyed to see her again! When this happened in the throat area, was preparing to ascend through the layers of the a surge of light occurred, and from there it was as Earth, on his way to greet Magdalene at the tomb if a star of light burst from me—as if I had birthed on Sunday morning.

I went ahead in time to the Ascension. I beheld Then, my entire light body unfolded and seemed the Ascension from the Angelic realm, within the to burst open, and I saw every cell of my being etheric sphere of the Moon. Around these were processions the most unimaginable, unearthly colors. I felt myself in every part of As Christ approached the Archangelic realm, my the Cosmos. He yet I was everywhere in the Earth and simultane- was like a Sun, rising into their midst. The Arch- ously in the Cosmos. And yet power and strength they had never known before.

From the depths of tion body. I am certain that I experienced this only their vast, unfathomable beings, they were illu- so that I could tell of this event, although I can minated to a higher degree—indeed, we could only do so in my limited way. They could also witness where the Archangels were watching him approach within his Resurrection body the work that they after he left the Angelic realm. I watched as the had been doing for human evolution since the Archangels gathered to receive him.

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Thus could they behold their It was unfathomable what he then did. He was own deeds on behalf of humanity. This was, for bearing in his Resurrection body the promise of them, the greatest gift they had ever known! He the Resurrection for all groups, countries, folks, was also bringing to them a direct gnosis of what and religions. This promise was implanted in the they would now do for the children of the Earth— beings of the Archangels. This would be happen- for all nations, tribes, religions, and groups.

He chose to incarnate every realm again, a preposterous notion! To the Archan- was also being called back to Earth. He I saw rainbow streams of light beckoning me is the highest exemplar of human evolution, and back to my body, as I traveled with all the cells of Israel was his chosen habitation.

It is true that all my body back to Earth. As the vision began, I saw Angels gathering Every group, nation, and religion has within it the round. Soon I was streaming through time, the seeds that make it possible for those peoples to Angels surrounding me on all sides. Israel shall claim her people—yes! Christ bears the Resurrection because of the great dragon that ravaged her peo- of the World in his being, and he showed them this ple and snuffed out the promise of the Messiah great Resurrection Day—when all the egregores of from their hearts. Israel scat- say, We accept Thee as our Savior!

Then the group, the How we must pray! We must pray and hold to religion, the nation will truly be free to choose the vision of what Israel is to become! They plan The Archangels already live and dwell in this to do the work of evil against other nations. This Oneness. They have to know the egregore. They horror does not need to happen! Mighty prayers, have to know the division and separation, and at offered by awakened individuals can help to turn the same time rise to a higher level of being. They the tides. Let us love the people of Israel. Let us remember that there is a Messiah for Christ gave to them the promise that Israel shall Israel—let us remember this for them.

The Mes- be redeemed. They rejected the Messiah be redeemed, will rise up, and give to the world before and there is the danger that they may not the vision of the redeemed nation. We can assist them. We can Christ shall reign in the midst of Israel, as the reach to them in their unconsciousness and dis- King of Eternal Israel that he was foreordained to tress.

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moratanneka.tk The language of flowers shares with us the meanings of flowers and we have used this information for centuries to not only better understand our natural environment, but also ourselves. This language was developed throughout the centuries and across cultures as a way to pass along vital information about plants and their possible usage. Fear creates panic, which impairs judgment. Trump also wants to exhaust our sense of outrage. The Hitlerian policy of separating refugee children from their parents, and detaining all in cages, is intended, first and foremost, to tire us all out to the point of lethargy, resignation, inactivity.

There are limits to how much moral outrage a people can summon. Yes, I know, Pelosi and Nadler are playing the long game with the courts, as Mueller did before them, but the hourglass is running out of red-white-and-blue sand. As far as I was concerned, this was the latter. What ppl see in 3, 6, 9 months will be far worse than today. There are no a medical baselines to compare, like yr over yr MRIs or work ups. In many ways, history was changed that day. Lashing out. Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Bailey, thanks for your encouragement.

I never minimize the work ahead but work IS work, not death and doom and the sky is falling. It just looks that way. Tonight they expose how the Democratic and Republican parties require members of Congress to raise money for their party in order to become a chairman of a committee. This began long before Trump came to Washington.

Who knew that? Raising enough money more than your fellow congress men and women buys you a chairmanship of a committee? Good grief. All this needs to be exposed to as much of America as possible. Neptune must adjust. Neptune in Pisces is semi-square stimulates Uranus in Taurus, and Uranus is in a grand trine with Pholus in Cap and Transpluto the process of becoming whole in Virgo.

Nothing will stop it for at least one year. This opposition must must be resolved and when that is done the grand trine goes into action. The Constitution Uranus must adjust. This is a divine plan to clean up the swamp that is Washington DC and probably all the other swamps in other governments. It will probably take all 33 years of this cycle between Saturn and Pluto to git her done, but we here on Earth in the USA, right now, will have started the process with our own two hands. Makes me proud to be an American! Barb: Yes, part of the divine plan to clean up the dark dredges of the astral and etheric planes;.

Yet despite being violently denied the freedom and justice promised to all, black Americans believed fervently in the American creed. Through centuries of black resistance and protest, we have helped the country live up to its founding ideals. Will: Yes, wicked funny, but I sure hope there is some truth to what he is saying.

It is a hellish, freakish show. Marjorie has a new post on the odious stephen miller dark lord sith in training? Folks, This is very frustrating. I have to postpone my trip home by several more days. I was hoping to be home by my birthday, August 19th, but it is not to be. So sorry to hear about your delay. I do hope that whatever is keeping you at the very least goes smoothly for you and you are on the road home as soon as possible, with no further delays! When this chart is set for the U. Uranus brings unsettling events, and all the more so with Lilith tightly in the mix.

It is difficult, to say the least, to separate the effects of the transiting Saturn-transiting Pluto cycle start Jan, 12, from the exact US Pluto-transiting Saturn cycle start 3 conjunctions in , in Feb. Saturn to US Pluto is ours alone, although it will indirectly affect other countries. As only the gods and goddesses could concoct, the brand new trans. Saturn cycle a cycle addressing societal issues will start in December, It will be the Year-to-Remember, Part of the worldly cycle all countries of trans. Saturn-Pluto is the addition of trans. Then there is the trans. Jupiter conjunct trans.

Why would that be? That decision will likely be about climate change. I believe Elizabeth Warren will as President or VP or whatever title she assumes will have a plan to begin the world-wide effort to stop ecological destruction before it destroys the planet. Nevertheless, she persisted! Too little too late though? Happy happy birthday Eliseo! May your new year be filled with joy! Take comfort that, even waiting, can bring forth amazing gifts born of quiet reflective moments. We live at least for now in a 3 Dimensional world, which means polarized vision of good-bad, beautiful-ugly, old-young, smart-stupid.

I would say that yes, Ceres, in order to raise consciousness within a given societal sphere could symbolically manifest as crop failures and food shortages and a lack or surplus of water. Simple as. A more positive manifestation of Ceres would be an increased awareness of how nurturing our planet would create an abundance of crops and food supplies.

Together their message looks to be about transforming human patterns regarding the body of Earth. Uranus breakthroughs in this cycle is in Taurus and participates in a grand trine with Pholus a small cause can reap huge effects in Capricorn, and Transpluto the process of becoming whole in Virgo, a pattern which also pounds home the earth emphasis in this cycle.

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This configuration has a definite feminine vibe; a push toward less aggression perhaps. Neptune is semi-square Uranus and Uranus is in a grand trine with Transpluto and Pholus. With Neptune under pressure to adjust, and being semi-square Uranus, it might manifest as an eruption of some kind oil pipeline?

This could create another opportunity to move away from the aggressive masculine approach toward Earth and move toward a more feminine nurturing approach. Think solar panels instead of oil rigs. I see Ceres as participating in educating we ignorant humans about our shared resources; how to not waste them and how to recycle them.

Eliseo- a very happy birthday to you. I am so sorry for your delay but a great new beginning is waiting when you get there! But it IS starting to feel better at least I think so, not quite so impossibly sticky Only wonderful and more wonderful from now on…. Happy Birthday to two special people — my buddy, Eliseo, and a very important member of our group , Henri. Less popular: socialism, privilege-checking, and the world ending in 10 years.

Ironically, perhaps because of Trump, Democratic Party rhetoric in is relentlessly negative about the American experience. Every speech is a horror story about synagogue massacres or people dying without insulin or atrocities at the border. Ronald Reagan once took working-class voters away from Democrats by offering permission to be proud of the flag. Trump offers permission to occupy the statistical American mean: out of shape, suffering from gas, poorly read, anti-intellectual, treasuring things above meaning, and hiding an awful credit history.

He represents fake boobs, the short con, the tall tale, gas guzzlers, and a hundred other American traditions. They see it in his waistline. Few politicians in history have revealed what they are to voters more than Trump. Thanks kiwi. Raye Robertson has an ascendant for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Aries, making the ruler of the Chart Mars in Sagittarius in the 8th house. Both charts use Washington DC for location. Amazing what a few minutes difference can make in what a chart can tell you.

I use serrenu. That could really make a difference. These kinds of things can affect how one reads a chart and I wonder how much disparity there is between the producers of astrological ephemeris material. Thanks again kiwi. It seems pretty far-fetched right now but I can see a possible Biden-Warren ticket for the Dems in I base it on 2 points in the US natal chart which they both have links to.

The more I think about it the more it seems like a no-brainer. That IMO is not far-fetched. Baby steps so to speak. Really appreciate your support! Barbk, I have had the same thought — a Biden Warren ticket which could also explain why the real changes begin after when Warren become the president. I would imagine it would be very difficult for Warren to get past her resentment of Biden, perhaps the reverse is true too.

Still, Anita Hill seemed to soften her attitude toward Biden in due time. But, if Warren and Biden COULD get past their differences; if all the polls next Spring were to look similar to now, the black voters and older voters of all color could have their sense of security if Biden was the Dem nominee for Pres , and Progressives and many women could see a woman almost any women would do , at least as the VP on the Dem ticket, and Trump was still alive and in office.

But who knows where we will be in May, ? After the Saturn-Pluto cycle begins, after however many more mass murders will have taken place, or if Mother Nature has destroyed the homes of many US citizens, or people have lost their money in the stock market, or whatever else could devastate voters, who will US citizens, those who will vote at least, feel could make their lives better? This too could happen; Harris polls might soar come next Spring.

But that is not a reliable test at all. All we can do is play with the possibilities and today I played with the charts of Biden and Warren because I had the time, and it was fun! Now, it is so uncertain just whose choice is being made! As for Kamala Harris, I think she leans in the opposite direction because her natal Saturn conjunct US Moon indicates a cool, distant, not very positive relationship. She would need a relationship with the public at large that is at least positive enough for the majority of voters to elect her as President. It looks rather the opposite.

The decider, the one who brings her supporters to another front runner at the convention? The connection to the powers that be in the party also has to be there for the Moon aspect to be backed up. Just my thoughts…. Prosecutors said that the suspect, Eric Lin, 35, sent a barrage of chilling and gruesome Facebook messages to the unidentified woman, who lives in Miami. Lin was arrested on Friday in Seattle, where he had recently moved from Clarksburg, Md.

Lin wrote to the woman on Facebook in early June, according to a criminal complaint. All the rest had something in their chart within orb of an aspect to the US Moon, even if it was only a semi-sextile, like Kennedy and Bush Jr. Some people really need and want that in a leader. But think about this; when chaos is all around us, who better than Saturn to restore order? Uranus, the Grand Master of innovation, emits a clarion call for freedom this week, and the power of its revolutionary voice is impossible to resist.

He will be 21 in I am so sick of the gun gaslighting arguments and the media falls for it everytime. It astounds me why someone does not reframe the argument away from guns towards the bullets. Ban bullets — 2nd amendment does not mention bullets. Bob, I have hoped you were right about your read that Trump will leave by the end of the year. But not sure we can last that long. It is beyond nuts as now Trump thinks he is the Chosen One and is invoking Hitler in saying Jews are not loyal.

Way too much focus is given to just the presidency in election publicity. And the current title holder is showing the supreme folly of that playbook. Delusions of grandeur and a messiah complex in politics. Donald you are not the chosen one, just a very naughty boy! See here at 1. He is playing to the ultra-right in Israel who Netanyahu is also playing to. Many in Israel want Netanyahu out and Trump is trying to help him win the Sept elections as well help himself get the U. Jewish vote. Trump also want to be known of the savior of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by creating a viable plan both peoples can live with.

That being said, separately, I do not understand why the 2 new Muslim Congresswomen had to immediately make Israel such a visible, high-profile issue when there is probably a lot they could be doing to improve the lives of their constituencies. It makes me personally wonder who they are answering to. Inslee announced he is running for a 3rd term just as Hickenlooper is running for Senate now. Love to see energized Dems and, especially, Inslee, who is someone very important to us now.

Meanwhile, in perusing headlines on Democratic Underground DU , it said that aides are troubled by the primary challenges to Trump. So long as they all drop out for the Nov election — a three-way race might get him reelected. I am still hoping that Bob was right and he is out by Christmas. No wonder other people are thinking seriously of running. I need a companion to accompany me in great part for that purpose.

My thousands of books and other things will be transported by pod. I will happily pay a companions expenses, including for their trip back, etc. I really need to leave here by the end of the month. Texas, E. Missouri and W.

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AND, if an appropriate person volunteers I am willing to alter my route, perhaps traveling though your town to pick you up. Sounds like a fun adventure, Eliseo. I cannot join you myself but hope someone companionable can take you up on it! This event may accelerate global boiling more that any other. Make no mistake, Humanity is deeply involved in manifesting the New Age. As is super obvious, we are being challenged by every fiber of those who are not even minutely interested in the New Age. That they are acting out of ignorance, does not make their efforts any the less formidable.

This present effort is unlike their last major effort. What we call WWs 1 and 2, was launched and defeated mainly on the dense physical plane. The current offensive is primarily being implemented through the emotional and lower mental planes. What it has most in common with their last failed attempt is that they are totally in. This is a global assault and it is occurring simultaneously in all areas of human interaction. The primary weapons are media based and are being used with great skill.

Their primary intention is to generate hate, fear, suspicion, and mistrust, to divide and conquer. The attached Thoughtline deals with an age old issue facing us on the Path from the beginning. It concerns striving which is another name for the Will. There is no such thing as a little striving or a little will. It is either striving or not. It is either will or not. Also, as we well know, just because one is striving at her or his utmost, does not mean one will win every battle, but the final triumph is, actually, unavoidable.

Anyone who has strived toward a goal will knows what this means. Over the centuries, the Retrogressors have been successful whenever Humanity has lacked the will to triumph. Obviously, Humanity eventually found the will and triumphed, or we would not be here today. The major issue we have had to deal with in the past few hundred years…we get to that in the attached Thoughtline.

Greetings to my friends across the border. Below is a R. Tagore poem. You may find some solace in it. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

The preliminary investigation has been opened on the counts of: rape, rape of minors over 15 years of age, rape of minors under 15 years of age, assaults. He may be dead, but the rest of world will be dealing with his shameful legacy for centuries. Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts is dropping out of the presidential race, ending a candidacy that emphasized Mr. Moulton, 40, said in an interview that he had no immediate plans to endorse another candidate, but he warmly praised former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Moulton planned to announce the end of his campaign in a formal speech before the Democratic National Committee on Friday.

Moulton suggested that most of the other Democratic candidates were also laboring in vain at this point, with only a tiny few — Mr. Biden and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — remaining as real competitors for the nomination. He warned in the interview that if Democrats were to embrace an overly liberal platform, it could make it harder for the party to defeat President Trump. Moulton said. The 3 longest cycles provide a long and wide angle view of our future and the longest cycle is between Neptune and Pluto.

The next longest is the Neptune and Uranus cycle and then comes the Uranus and Pluto cycle. The Uranus-Pluto cycle began in Virgo deg. These three very long cycles incorporate parts of the US natal chart in their predictions of the world picture of the future. The shortest of the 3 cycles, Pluto and Uranus, is somewhere between to years in length, and began in at degrees of Capricorn.

It is this cycle that is forcing we the people in the US to become more conscious right now. Think children in cages and mass killings in El Paso. So sorry, I was mixed up. Pluto was at Capricorn Feb. Saturn it was in March and April, and May-June, when retrograde , when it was conjunct the Uranus-Neptune start point at Capricorn.

It will return there this December. Both have been affecting us but the Neptune-Uranus cycle is what trans. Saturn and Pluto are stirring up. Right now trans. Neptune at Pisces retrograde is opposing the Uranus-Pluto cycle start point in Virgo. Might David Koch be roasting in the fires of the Amazon by now, instead of heading to regular purgatory?? Charles Koch is the real menace and existential threat to humanity in that family. I found this quick snip it on instagram of an interview with Andrew Yang and whatever happens with his campaign, I think he is setting the stage for the politics of the future.

As we are heading into the new age, our ways of campaigning, stumping and divisive rhetoric is going to have to change. By: Elizabeth on August 24th, at am. I hope you are finding someone to travel with you. I wish I knew someone to help you out. Sending good vibes for a suitable companion and your travels.

In Santa Barbara CA, Astrology Readings that Make a Difference Astro*Logical News as it Happens!

I hope you are able to get on the road by end of the month as well :. No one has come forth. My plan is to take more days and fewer hours each day to get there. Eliseo, I drove from NY to Miami at 23…. It took me 3 full days to drive the miles so it should take you twice that time but maybe allow more days i. Still hoping you find a driving buddy! Planning a longer trip and taking those rest and sleep breaks sounds like a very good decision.

Please be very careful and do let us know the day you set out so we can be surrounding you with light and praying for your safe travels! It can be a nice time to clear your mind and be at peace with yourself. I drove from coast-to-coast once and it was an amazing experience — a great adventure! Peppermint essential oil is great for waking you up and helping you stay alert. Also, in massage school they told us a mind trick about driving — that the parallel lines in the middle of the road do something to your brain that makes it want to go to sleep. Lines that cross each other do not — something about thoughts going across both sides of your brain.

Anyway, they said to put an X-shape on your dashboard in some tape or something like that, so that you can look at both the X and the road in front of you. If you start to feel sleepy, focus on the X for a few seconds. Seems to help. I hope yours accept it easily. I drove nearly cross country Kentucky to LA and back, during spring break from college. Everybody said we were crazy. We made it in out there in about 42 hours. One of us slept, one had the map and kept the driver from going to sleep and one of us slept. We just kept driving. It was great. Seeing the country was fabulous.

Funniest part — we were dying for a shower somewhere in New Mexico, pull into this cheap motel and me and two guys ask for a single room just for an hour or so. Oh — if you have an iPad or something like that, it will read e-books to you! I have to really dig very deep to find some sympathy for Charles Koch, a man who has spent so much of his life destroying our world and upholding progress in so many areas of our society, all in the name of hoarding power and profit for himself.

If his Uranus Return has him shaken up a bit, good. The world will be better in his wake. Eliseo, so sorry I missed your natal day! I wish you a year of Wonder. Were I not homebound, I would gladly go on your joyride. I might be able to interest my driver—I would just need to know when so I can adjust my schedule.

We are in Northwest Indiana. Nancy has my email. I would go heavy on protein, light on starch. Emma, You are homebound? Tell me about your driver. According to current plan, the closest I would come to Indiana would be eastern Kansas. Teresa Hill Thanks for the tips! Especially peppermint oil!

It was very difficult and that was years ago when I was in better health. Personally, that led to thoughts regarding my own experiences with neighbors which has run the gamut from indispensable to detestable. The thing about neighbors is that they share a neighborhood, usually full of other neighbors, which could mean that a problem for one neighbor could become a problem for the entire neighborhood. In the birth chart for a country the natal Pluto symbolizes powerful and hidden tendencies designed to bring about transformation of the country.

It would seem possible that IF these two next door neighbors, US Moon and US Pluto, were cooperative and thinking of the Whole, they might share in the power and the transformation and the fluctuating emotions. Not an easy task, but possible. Uranus co-rules Aquarius with Saturn. One could conclude from this mid-day chart that the US was expressing its pain US Chiron at the root of the chart through the voting process.

Neighbors you might say. US natal Moon shares an additional minor aspect with US natal Sun, a sesqui-quadrate, or degrees between them degrees in this case. She also rules the sign where the US Sun is located. We are down to splitting hairs now. Anyway, my gut feeling is that the US natal Moon is intrinsic to the function or the purpose of this country, beyond the obvious. She makes no major aspects to the other planets in this US natal chart; she in fact has a very explicit and delicate role to play.

The Conscious Sun part and Unconscious Moon part of this country USA would some day need to go through a transformation US Pluto Return that would require dexterity, patience and a strong set of principles to survive transformation intact. The US Moon the US people is neither wholly committed to slavish obedience to a ruler nor is she so free that she can not abide by a set of rules. The US Moon is where she is in this US birth chart for a purpose and that purpose IMO is to facilitate a transformation of a nation while it remains intact.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and as such resists change. Aquarius is group-think and works well within neighborhoods. On the other hand, Aquarius is a mental sign, not prone to react dramatically to physical or emotional or even spiritual pressures. As such, the Moon in Aquarius will sublimate her natural emotional tendencies in order to maintain cohesion.

Because of this Aquarian Moon, the USA will survive intact and become an even better nation than what it was when it was first conceived and then born. By: Sharon K on August 25th, at pm. Some drives and terrains are easier than others, and much will depend on my fluctuating daily energy level. Too many have recently told me they absolutely need me to stay alive and well, that they cannot complete their respective creative, spiritual, and intellectual projects and personal dharmas without me.

Eliseo, A couple of years ago while being quite low on energy with a boatload of physical issues I did miles Los Angeles to Sacramento alone with my cat. It took me about 5 and a half hours. The next day drove to San Francisco, a couple of hours… but was up most of the night dinner, concert etc. The next day drove back to Sacramento… waited a day and drove back to Los Angeles. I say all of this because I was still trashed by the time I got home… I am calculating the visiting time as driving.

Please be prepared to stay somewhere a whole day and night if you need. As with most people here, I too am deeply vested in you getting home… Safely. You should be blushing and kvelling with the embarrassment of fondness your way from Starlightnews. Bask in it! Will someone please direct me toward some good reading on Pluto-conjunct-Chiron? I am coming up with nothing. When one receives such kind fondness, any ThankYou is merely the beginning of reciprocation. If you google it, there are quite a few other books too.

Eliseo, I will see driver on Monday. He is young, 23, honest and kind to a fault; treats me like most-favored grandparent; is able to accompany me to medical appts. A very careful driver; has not done lane major cities but I think he could spell you a bit. By: emma on August 26th, at am. Super New Moon in a row presses fast forward on September 28 — a Stealth Super Moon with a longer than usual seismic storm window disrupting the frequencies and sending your nervous system haywire. Seat belts stay fastened for 10 days in September, got it. My sense is that the Koch empire still stands and is still deeply involved in the basics of replacing Democracy with some sort of fascist conglomerate where those who are, in their ancient assumption, supposed to rule, do rule.

It is difficult to know who most of these persons are because they live in very exclusive situations and shun a public presence. However it is also easy to know who some of these chosen ones are because they tell us. They demonstrate their power by the purchasing the people who are supposed to be implementing the democratic government, and use them to systematically destroy the democratic structures of that government.

David Koch was one of the more effective of these individuals because he looked so nice and appeared to be generous, and friendly. They all dress beautifully, and with few exceptions, such as the current president, have nice manners when they are in the public eye. These individuals do not deal in halfwayness. These individuals are not to be feared or hated. This will expose the lie, for that which is not of the light cannot exist in the Light. As has always been the case, we need to see clearly through their multitudes of masquerades and posturings of concern for the people.

When necessary, as in WW2, and now to we need to be totally adamant and unmoving in our resistance. Eliseo: All the best in your travels. One can put a circle of white light around the car one is travelling in and a circle of white light around yourself. You can do this for family and friends to, to aid them in protection. I will also see you circled in light from the start and to the end of your destination.