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It was a great day not only for the money but because the formula was working. Like Like. Hey Janet, any updates on the racing newsletter? Or what about some private tutoring? Hi Barbara, The newsletter is too large an undertaking for me at the moment however I am down to help you with your races. Shoot me an email at janetcanedo hotmail. Like Liked by 1 person. Hi Janet, can you tell me the colors of the horse that won Love Arrow?

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I have had some success with horse winning and Astrology. I like astrology and horse racing I was born Scorpio on 1st of November in Mebourne Australia at 1 AM a scary time for my parents as most babies born in this South Melbourne hospital died. I survived but only after a tracheotomy. I am looking for astrologer to contribute to my new web business. Thought you may like to look. Love your site. Wow, this is interesting, this is odd but the truth, I am a professional astrologer too, my husband is not into this, but he is a software designer, he had a client come to him to make him a software for horse racing and betting, the client came back several times, and I think the software worked, but I am trying to quickly learn about how he could have done this…because I recalled this famous Jess Stearn book, neither my husband nor his client knew about it….

I need to go to the local horse track and begin learning just the basics…this site is from a while back, anyway…good luck! By chance I came across your blog. Being a lover of horseracing I enjoyed your article, love it.

Why not giving us more on this subject, with examples, if possible. Also like your article about yourself. Keep up with the good work. Wishing you all the best. Your blog is perfect, and I like this article. I find the information I need. I think I can find more useful information here, thanks. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your comment Tara — I use Matrix. Please send me an email to remind me and I will lay down the basics for transits and progressions for you.

You can then contact me with any questions you may have afterward. This is awesome and absolutely amazing! What calculation software are you using? Is it Matrix? I am using Kepler 7 right now. Be sure to approve your comments too, if need be, as I do not see the one you mentioned! This is a great blog! I am thrilled to learn more from you. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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In gambling, luck could probably be defined as being statistically more successful over others. Can astrology help with gambling? First of all do you believe what happens outside our planet directly effects life on earth?

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If not then let me explain how I see it. Take the life of a plant seed. The main events in a seeds life are affected by the sun.

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To get more information about a seeds life we could also take into account how the suns position will affect the weather where the seed is. This pattern is easy to notice due to the simplicity of a plants life. Humans are forced to live by natures rules, and have done so for about , years. Therefore can we not assume there is a kind of synchronisation between us humans and events happening outside out planet?

I believe patterns made by the sun, moon and planets are linked with certain human life events and traits. Although the universe appears chaotic, there is a beautiful order to it defined by mathematical equations.


By studying patterns like astrologers do, you can increase your luck. The problem is most people do not have the knowledge or computing power to analyse patterns on a large scale. Essentially, our solar system and the universe appears to run like clockwork.

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As we are forced to be in sync with nature, then maybe we are predictable also. The accuracy of astrology will increase when we have the ability to process even more statistical data. When you think about it, Life on Earth is the result of changes outside of Earth when looking at large timescales. I believe most things can be predicted with enough statistical data, some states in America are even trying to predict crime hot spots by analysing previous crime patterns.


I believe a similar strategy can also work for gambling, such as horse race and football bets. Unfortunately astrology it not the best tool to improve your luck when it comes to gambling. However, a slight statistical advantage could be achieved if all free horse racing and football tips were analysed on the internet. Why use only one tip, when you can take into account all of them!

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