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Many of his paintings explore variations on the female nude and are inspired by working directly with a model.

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Since his work has been featured at the Roshkowka Galleries in Windham, NY, and is also featured by Roshkowska at artsy. In , Couteau embarked upon a new series of paintings of women wearing hats , using watercolor crayons, cray-pas, and oil paint on claybord, gessobord, and canvas. This series follows his women wearing veils , first begun in From August to May , Couteau completed " Eighty-seven Variations on Titian's 'Venus of Urbino,' " a series of paintings and drawings that attempt to reinterpret this single Renaissance masterpiece.

In , he devoted a year to reinterpreting the work of Picasso. The complete collection is composed of 67 oil paintings, works on paper, and 16 sculptures in terra cotta.

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The exhibit featured a reading from Couteau's poetry collection, The Sleeping Mermaid , which includes several poems portraying specific Picasso paintings. Selected works, Dec. Group show, 12 September - 12 March Literary work: Couteau is the author of the novel Doctor Pluss ; the literary anthology Collected Couteau , the epistolary memoir Letters from Paris , and the poetry collection The Sleeping Mermaid.

Planets Unaspected, Feral, Peregrine. – Jeremy Neal's Chirotic Journal

After living in Paris for twelve years , he now resides in the Mid-Hudson Valley, where he writes and paints. He recently completed a collection of essays and literary interviews with other authors titled More Collected Couteau and a memoir, Wonder : a trilogy of over eight hundred pages. Critical Reception : In his Introduction to More Collected Couteau , author James Demsey writes: "Having spent many years as a journalist, I believe I have some ability to recognize and admire an artful interviewer, and Couteau is a master.

His preparation is comprehensive, meticulous, and profound. His understanding of the process of writing in so many genres allows him insights into the particular problems faced by the writers he interviews. The Tertiary Transcendental here is Mercury: fittingly, as the EU is known as such a bureaucratically oriented organization, and, too, since Saturn-Mercury Transcendentals are often found during events in which contractual agreements are signed or formalized.

The fact that certain charts have been studied at such great length and for such enormous periods of time -- such as the case with Arabia -- may justify in part this inclusion.

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However, I would urge readers to pay the greatest attention to those more reliable examples; I believe it is there that we have the most to learn, especially when exploring such unknown terrain as that of under-aspected planets and the symbolism that such planets mysteriously portray.

Rob Couteau has been a regular contributor to Starcats for many years and remains a close personal friend. The same could easily be said for the short-lived Italian chart, which hosts exactly the same over-aspected planets: Sun Leader ; Jupiter Secondary Leader ; and Saturn Tertiary Leader. This decisive "Transcendental moment" marked the virtual end of hostilities between the Colonial forces and the British and signalled the inception of the actual independence of the American Colonies.

Nicholas Campion's "Book of World Horoscopes" 2nd ed.

For information on aspect orbs, see the link above or go here [link to come]. The three-digit numerals indicating planetary strength are based on: major aspects [first number]; minor aspects [second number]; and aspects to ascendant and midheaven [third number].

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All rights reserved. Definition of Terms: "nation: [Middle English nacioun, from Middle French nation-, nation birth, race, nation, from natus, pp.

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The term may also be used to refer to the government of such a territory. A country may also be called a nation or a state. In , there were countries in the world, more than ever before.