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Check it out in the video below. Some people mistakenly believed a full supermoon would look much, much bigger to the eye.

But supermoons do look brighter than ordinary full moons! Yet, a supermoon exceeds the area disk size and brightness of an average-size full moon by some 15 percent — and the micro-moon by some 30 percent. For a visual reference, the size difference between a supermoon and micro-moon is proportionally similar to that of a U.

All full moons and new moons combine with the sun to create larger-than-usual tides, called spring tides. But closer-than-average full moons or closer-than-average new moons — that is, supermoons — elevate the tides even more. These extra-high spring tides are wide ranging.

High tides climb up especially high, and, on the same day, low tides plunge especially low. If you live along an ocean coastline, watch for them! They typically follow the supermoon by a day or two.

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Do extra-high supermoon tides cause flooding? Maybe yes, and maybe no. Flooding typically occurs when a strong weather system accompanies an especially high spring tide. Around each new moon left and full moon right — when the sun, Earth, and moon are located more or less on a line in space — the range between high and low tides is greatest.

These are called spring tides. A supermoon — new or full moon at its closest to Earth — accentuates these tides. Image via physicalgeography. But, at these times, if a storm strikes along a coastline, flooding can occur. Image via NOAA.

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  6. How often do we have supermoons? But of course it depends on your definition of supermoon. Looking farther into the future, the perigee full moon will come closer than , kilometers , miles for the first time in the 21st century on November 25, , km or , mi. The closest full moon of the 21st century will fall on December 6, , km or , mi. By the way, some astronomers call the full moons listed above proxigee full moons. The word proxigee just means an extra-close perigee.

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    So, just how much closer are these close full and new moons? This year, , the moon at its closest point to Earth resides , miles , km away. At this juncture, the moon is said to be at percent of its closest approach for the year. In , the moon at its farthest point swings out to , miles , km from Earth. At that time, the moon is said to be at 0 percent of its closest approach.

    Why this moon is "super"

    At its closest point for the year, the moon is approximately 30, miles or 50, km closer than when the moon is most distant. The full moon supermoon series of will recur after 14 lunar months 14 returns to full moon. Full moon distance March 9, : , miles or , km Full moon distance April 8, : , miles or , km Full moon distance May 7, : , miles or , km. The new moon supermoon series will also recur after 14 lunar months 14 returns to new moon.

    More photos of the December supermoon. Bottom line: The first three full moons of are supermoons. The next supermoons of will be the new moons of August 1 and 30 plus September Enjoying EarthSky so far? A total lunar eclipse occurs when a full moon passes into the Earth's shadow.

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    The last time Australia was able to see such an incredible event was in July, This month's super moon is one of three happening between now and March The January super moon is particularly significant as it is known as a 'wolf' moon by Native American tribes and early colonists, the wolves howling over the scarcity of food during wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere. The January super moon is the beginning of a triad of super moons in , with the next ones happening on February 19 and March Smith says the astrological impact of an eclipse has four main impacts on all our lives:.

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    Change: Eclipses represent the end of something, and the beginning of something else. Awareness: It's about having a hidden situation come to light Illumination is a key point;.